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The Complete TAO TE CHING in Plain English
by Stephen Lau

This book contains the 81 chapters of the translated text of the ancient Chinese classic on human wisdom, written by the Chinese sage Lao Tzu. It also explains in plain English the essentials of Tao wisdom, which is the wisdom of TAO TE CHING.

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by Stephen Lau

The human ego is the underlying source of all stressors in contemporary living.

Learn and understand the ancient human wisdom from China to eliminate all stress in everyday living.

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Be A Better and Happier You With Tao Wisdom
by Stephen Lau

A 132-page book on how to use the ancient Tao wisdom from China to be a better and happier person.

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TAO The Way to Biblical Wisdom
by Stephen Lau

A complete translation of Lao Tzu's immortal classic Tao Te Ching with respect to the Holy Bible.

Learn and understand the ancient human wisdom from China in order to attain Biblical wisdom.

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  My Myasthenia Gravis (2nd edition)
                      by Stephen au

A natural and holistic approach to autoimmune diseases based on the author's  own experience and struggle against his disease! This is the 2nd edition.

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Congratulations! You've Got Cancer
                      by Stephen Lau

A cancer diagnosis is not a death sentence. Help your mind help your cancer. Use your mind to turn it into an opportunity for personal growth and development to conquer your cancer.  Please click here.

          Vision Self-Healing Self-Help
                     by Stephen Lau

A blueprint for vision health to enhance eyesight and improve vision health, with exercises based on Dr. William Bates' state-of-the-art vision self-improvement techniques!

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   The Book of Life and Living   
   (2nd edition)
by Stephen Lau

The art of living well is wisdom in living based on the integration of conventional wisdom, spiritual wisdom, and the  wisdom of Tao from ancient China. Get your blueprint for holistic living for a healthy body, mind, and spirit.

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     As If Everything Is A Miracle
                by Stephen Lau

Rethink your mind, renew your body, reconnect your soul, and realign your being to become who you really are to live your life as if everything is a miracle.

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Your Golden Years and Santa Claus by Stephen Lau

How do you live your life to the fullest in your golden years? How do you make the best and the most of what you have left and still make some new waves in the final chapters of your life? Believe you can do it, and do what you can do -- the wisdom of successful aging in the golden years!

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Younger and Healthier for Longer by Stephen Lau

A handbook for both men and women to stay younger and healthier for longer!

A 233-page book with rich information on every aspect of the body, mind, spirit to mature youthfully instead of getting old gracefully!

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Make Your Smart Baby Super Smart
by Stephen Lau

This book is written for parents and grandparents who wish to make their smart babies super smart. This can be achieved through everyday simple games, activities and interactions aimed at increasing brain cells through spatial intelligence, non-verbal communication, emotional development, language  skills, kinesthetic enhancement, and music appreciation.

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29 Smart Steps to Teach Your Smart Kid to Read
by Stephen Lau

29 steps, 90 games and activities, 50 color illustrations to teach children to become proficient readers! Based on the author's own experience of teaching his daughter to read when she was only age two.

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Effective Writing Made Simple
by Stephen Lau

A manual on writing skills for anyone who wants to write well!

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Everyday American Idioms for ESL Learners
by Stephen Lau

More than 900 American idioms with simple explanation and examples for ESL learners.

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English Slang and Colloquial Expressions for ESL Learners
by Stephen Lau

Learn these everyday expressions for everyday situations. A must for ESL learners.

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English Words and Phrases Frequently Confused and Misused
by Stephen Lau

This book is written for ESL learners who may have problems with English words and phrases that may look similar but are different in meanings. Learn those words and phrased that are frequently confused and misused in writing.

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“To be a good father and mother requires that the parents defer many of their own needs and desires in favor of the needs of their children.” James E. Faust
“Trying to understand is like straining through muddy water. Have the patience to wait! Be still and allow the mud to settle.” Lao Tzu
“Doing nothing is better than being busy doing nothing.” Lao Tzu
“The more we look, the less we see.The more we hear, the less we listen. The more we crave, the crazier we become.” Lao Tzu
“Letting go of straining, striving, and strutting, we find the wisdom in the Creator." Lao Tzu
“We watch everything come and go, with no judgment, no preference. Everything that is, was, or ever will be, will return to its origin: the Creator.” Lao Tzu
        The Wisdom of Letting Go
Stephen Lau

Letting go of all attachments in the material world is the only way to let go of the ego, which is formed by a distorted human mind. This human flaw can be eradicated with the ancient Tao wisdom from China, and complemented with the Biblical wisdom. Learn how to let go to let God.

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         You Just Don't Die!
Stephen Lau

This 154-page book is more than just about how to live to a ripe old age; it is about how to live as if everything is a miracle even though you may have many life changes and challenges.

My Way! No Way! TAO Is The Way! by Stephen Lau

This is one-of-a-kind approach to depression, a mind disorder in a world of depression.

Unlike the conventional ways of avoiding depression, such as the use of exercise as distraction,.suppressing the symptoms, such as the use of affirmations or visualizations, and up lifting the depressive moods using medications, this new approach uses the ancient TAO wisdom from China to let you fully experience anything and everything in depression.

TAO wisdom is the way through depression, instead of avoiding it. You may become enlightened and free yourself of depression forever; if not, at least you may look at your depression differently.

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“Those who know, don't talk. Those who talk don't know." Lao Tzu
Prepositional Words and Phrases for ESL Learners
by Stephen Lau

This 122-page book has hundreds of common prepositional words and phrases selected for ESL learners with explanations and examples.

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The Happiness Wisdom
by Stephen Lau

Many are unhappy not because of what they have experienced throughout their life journeys, but because they don't have the human wisdom to perceive and process what they've experienced.

Happiness is a state of mind, due to the the perceptions of the human mind. Change your perceptions to change your so-called realities. Empower your mind with human wisdom -- ancient wisdom from the East and the West, conventional wisdom, and spiritual wisdom -- to think differently to have totally different perspectives of what may have ma
de you happy or unhappy.

Looking at real examples of real people from all over the world may enlighten you, and help you live as if everything is a miracle.

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Along your life journey, you need consciousness of the body, the mind, and the soul to live a meaningful and purposeful life, if you just don't die! Live in the now,  and live  as if there were no tomorrow, and tomorrow is just another day, if you just don't die!

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The TAO of Living for Life
by Stephen Lau

This book explains the importance of attaining TAO wisdom, based on the translated text of the  Lao Tzu's immortal classic, TAO TE CHING. Living for life is the wisdom of living in this material world, but not of this mundane world. It is not easy, so you need TAO.

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The healing

The new way of life

The living tips

The wisdom books

The better English

The TAO is the ancient wisdom from China, based on the profound wisdom of the ancient sage Lao Tzu. According to the TAO, wisdom comes from the thinking mind, and not the knowledge acquired and accumulated.

On the journey of living longer, you need both a compass and a roadmap.

The compass, to find your direction, and the roadmap to find your whereabouts; the compass is your wisdom, which is unlimited, and the roadmap is your knowledge, which is limited.

Self-intuit all the whys and the hows  of who you are and what you have now become, as well as all the things that have happened to you on your journey.

Click here to get your copy to find out how to harness the TAO on your life journey.
This book explains the paradoxes of life: what "anything is everything" may be true to some people, but not to every one; "everything is nothing" is the reality of life, which is the impermanence of everything; "nothing is everything" is the profound wisdom to understand that the nothingness of everything may ultimately become everything if there is enlightenment in living as if everything is a miracle.

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Many pray simply because they want their "expectations to be fulfilled." But the TAO wisdom of Lao Tzu, the ancient sage from China shows you where human expectations have come from. Click here to get your copy to find out how to live your everyday life as if you were praying.
This  book is about how the TAO  can heal autoimmune diseases.

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Health and Wellness from Books
Building Vocabulary
Confusing Words
Correcting the Incorrect
Learning Grarnmar
Learning Prepositions
Learning Sentence Style
Learning Some Slang

Wisdom in Aging: Body Image of Men and Women -- Click here to find out more.

Health Issues of Men and Women: Holistic Health -- Click here to find out more.
The Seven Deadly Sins and the TAO: We all commit sins in our lives, which make us live in fancy and fantasy. But the TAO wisdom may help you live in reality instead. Click here.
YOUR MONEY WISDOM: Get profound human wisdom, Biblical wisdom, and the TAO wisdom to earn, save, and spend money wisely. Click here.
Get the wisdom not only to survive but also to thrive in marriage. Click here to get your copy.
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Get the wisdom not only to survive but also to thrive in marriage. Click here to get your copy.
Improve your spoken and written English for better communication.

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Get the wisdom to love yourself and others, such as self-acceptance and loving-kindness, as well as to help yourself and your marriage partner to survive and thrive in your marriage.

Click here to find out how to get genuine love and accountability in marriage to live in reality, instead of in fantasy.
Get the TAO wisdom to live every aspect of your daily life in balance and  harmony, including:   the following: growing up, pursuing your life passions and careers, making a living and earning your money, maintaining your good relationships, getting married, starting a family and raising your children, taking care of your health and healing, confronting issues of aging and dying. The TAO shows you how to live as if everything is a miracle.

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What is recovery?

Recovery is regaining your healthy body systems that might have degenerated and deteriorated along the long journey

The Central Nervous System

The central nervous system -- which is from the base of your back to your brain -- is the most important of all your body organs. Given that it receives information and instructions from both the inside and the outside of your body, it transmits your body’s actions and reactions to your brain.

The spinal column, which is composed of vertebrae and the spinal cord, may shrink as aging continues, causing stooping posture that may indirectly result in heart, lungs, and even vision problems. It is therefore important to keep the spinal column erect for greater vitality and better blood circulation to the brain.

The Recovery

Pay more attention to your breathing, giving it spontaneity to create the internal balance and harmony essential to your health and healing.

In addition, enhance your posture with Chinese health-and-mind exercises, such as Tai Chi and Qi Gong, that focus much on spontaneity and not on extremity, and thus providing the internal life energy that promotes better circulation of blood and oxygen.

The Digestive System

A healthy digestive system is always a sign of living longer. It plays a pivotal role in calorie usage, nutrient absorption, food digestion, and excretion of wastes.

A dysfunctional digestive system, on the other hand, may lead to cramps, constipation, indigestion, gastric ulcers and even stomach cancer.

The Recovery

Eat the right foods and the right amounts. Eat only when you are hungry, and not just because it is time to eat.

Eat a balanced diet to balance your body chemistry.

Fast occasionally for internal cleansing.

In contemporary living, digestive disorders are all too common; many people accept abdominal pain, bloating, constipation, diarrhea, and heartburn -- all too common everyday digestive disorders -- as a way of life. They simply take antacid tablets, elixirs, and all types of indigestion-relieving drugs and pills as if they were vitamin supplements before and after their meals. That is not the right mindset for healthy digestion.

First of all, taking any dangerous drug hinders the self-healing process because the chemical ingredients in pharmaceutical drugs promote drug-dependence. In addition, the innate self-healing power within the body is considerably compromised due to lack of use. Think twice before you pop in a pill to get rid of your stomach discomfort or indigestion. 

The Respiratory System

Breathing is controlled and directed by the mind.  Conscious deep breathing is life-giving. Children breathe with their abdomens, but adults breathe with their lungs.

The Recovery

Practice deep breathing through the abdomen and pushing the air into the lungs. Avoid shallow breathing as aging continues.

The Circulatory System

The circulatory system is made up the red blood cells and the white blood cells. The former nourish and clean the tissues of your body; the latter carry antibodies to destroy bacteria and repair damaged tissues. They are like the Yin and the Yang, the two polar forces that must be balanced and in harmony.

The circulatory system is directly connected to the respiration: if breathing stops, the blood circulation also stops; if the breathing is shallow or not deep enough, the blood circulation may reach only certain parts of the body.

The Recovery

To enhance the circulatory system, exercise regularly in addition to breathing right.

The Endocrine System

This system is made up of glands that produce hormones that are responsible for growth, sex, reproduction, and living longer.

For example, the pituitary gland and the pineal control sexual health and the aging process; the adrenal glands (in the kidney) maintain the blood sugar level, and relax respiratory muscles; the thyroid gland (in the neck) is responsible for oxidation and sugar metabolism, affecting the physical growth of the body, including bones and teeth.

The Recovery

To lubricate your thyroid gland, place and move your tongue against your palate before you get out of bed to stimulate the production of saliva, which is known as “the divine water.” Also, massage your neck to stimulate your thyroid.

The Rejuvenation

The process of rejuvenation is the perfect integration between the physical and spiritual aspects of human life -- becoming like a newborn baby again.

A way of restoring harmony and preventing deterioration:

Concentrate on breathing.

Keep the mind peaceful to avoid distractions and pressures from social life, and to create inner harmony.

“Can we breathe as easily as innocent babies?” (10)

“If we are in harmony with the Creator,
we are like newborn babies,
in natural harmony with all.
Our bones are soft, and our muscles are weak,
but our grip is strong and powerful.
Not knowing about sex,
we manifest sexual arousal.
Crying all day long,
we lose not our voice.
With constancy and harmony,
we accomplish all daily tasks
without growing tired.”
(Lao Tzu, Tao Te Ching, Chapter 55)

“We are all desirous of making the right choices,
fearful of making the wrong ones.
We all pursue what others say is good,
avoiding what they say is bad.
We all follow the popular wisdom of judgment and preference,
instead of the wisdom of the Creator,
requiring us to be undesirous and unperturbed, just like a newborn.”
(Lao Tzu, Tao Te Ching, Chapter 20)

“Our greatest suffering comes from
not knowing who we are, or to whom we belong.
Our greatest unhappiness comes from
wanting more than what the Creator provides.
Our greatest satisfaction of contentment
is the lasting satisfaction.”
(Lao Tzu, Tao Te Ching, Chapter 46)

“At birth, we are soft and supple.
At death, we are stiff and hard.
Young plants are tender and pliant.
Dead plants are brittle and dry.

Stiff and inflexible, we are like death.
Soft and yielding, we are like life.

Following the Way,
we become soft and supple.
That is why we always prevail,
because tenderness and flexibility
give us strength and power from the Creator.“
(Lao Tzu, Tao Te Ching, Chapter 76)

The Secrets of Longevity

The secrets are simple to follow:

Freedom from ambitions and desires

Soft and yielding, accepting and embracing whatever situation that may come to pass

Practicng Tai-Chi exercise to clear the mind and strengthen the brain

Promoting good digestion and healthy kidneys with foods

Maintaining and softening blood pressure with diet and exercise to regulate the circulation of blood.

The Inner Smile

Sit comfortably, either on a straight-backed chair, or on the floor. The important thing is for your spine to be in an upright position, and your head arranged to allow the muscles of your neck and throat to feel relaxed.

Take a couple of deep, slow breaths, noticing how your abdomen rises with each inhalation, then relaxes back toward your spine with each exhalation. Let go of thoughts of past or future.

Rest the tip of your tongue gently on the roof of your mouth, somewhere behind, and close to, your upper front teeth. You will find the spot that feels perfect.

Smile gently, allowing your lips to feel full and smooth as they spread to the side and lift just slightly. This smile should be kind of like that of the Mona Lisa smile, or how we might smile -- mostly to ourselves -- if we had just gotten a joke that someone told us several days ago: nothing too extreme, just the kind of thing that relaxes our entire face and head, and makes us start to feel good inside.

Now bring your attention to the space between your eyebrows (the "Third Eye" center). As you rest your attention there, energy will begin to gather. Imagine that place to be like a pool of warm water, and as energy pools there, let your attention drift deeper into that pool - back and toward the center of your head.

Let your attention rest now right in the center of your brain -- the space equidistant between the tips of your ears. This is a place referred to in Taoism as the Crystal Palace -- home to the pineal, pituitary, thalamus and hypothalamus glands. Feel the energy gathering in this powerful place.

Allow this energy gathering in the Crystal Palace to flow forward into your eyes. Feel your eyes becoming "smiling eyes." To enhance this, you can imagine that you are gazing into the eyes of the person who you love the most, and they are gazing back at you ... infusing your eyes with this quality of loving-kindness and delight.

Now, direct the energy of your smiling eyes back and down into some place in your body that would like some of this healing energy. It might be a place where you have recently had an injury or illness. It might be a place that just feels a little numb or "sleepy," or simply some place you have not recently explored. In any case, smile down into that place within your body, and feel that place opening to receive your smile-energy.

Continue to smile into that place within your body, for as long as you would like ... letting it soak up smile-energy like a sponge soaks up water.

When this feels complete, direct your inner gaze, with its smile-energy, into your navel center, feeling warmth and brightness gathering now in your lower belly.

Release the tip of your tongue from the roof of your mouth, and release the smile (or keep it if it now feels natural).

Nutritional Healing

Self-Healing Techniques

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